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Sale Services


Buyers need accurate and timely replies to requests for quotes.
Meeting your deadlines for quote requests with timely replies.
Accuracy in pricing, delivery and conformance to specifications and details.

Extensive source base for materials, tooling, processing and labor base.

  • Value-added engineering mindset.
  • Experienced management team.

In many cases, we can assist you in product development and design to help you accomplish cost reductions or design enhancements!

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Solid Works

3-D Drawing, Corespondence and Reading Capabilities

Sigma Nest

Enables us to develop precision designed patterns. As a result, we maximize material usage so that you can be assured of a competitively priced product.

Global Shop

Computer system networked to all manufacturing phases,quoting,shipping,billing and sales.

Scan It- Cut

Capable of scanning photos or prints and creating a DXF file, cut or machine path.


G-Code, DXF profiling or conversational 2D plus programming available.




  • FEMA
  • Team Feasibility
  • S.P.C. Analysis
  • Open Layout
  • Inspection Duplicate Fit Fixtures
  • CMM Inspection
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Pressure Testing




Marine Division

Hard Tops

Production Welding

Machining Capabilities

Fabrication Capabilities

Lubrication Products


Casting Services



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